The Umbrella Project



The Umbrella Project LLC is creating and developing wholesome animated children’s entertainment and live-action family feature films.  Our focus is on developing fun, educational, dynamic, violence-free entertainment.  Our new children’s series will build global communities of children all around the world using adventure stories to promote understanding, tolerance, and healthy living. The series of 12 children’s books is also being produced as an episodic animation series with companion digital games.

Our live action feature film Mind The Gap is an inspiring yet funny psychological drama. This wonderful new screenplay is already gaining much attention in the industry. MTG features the music of wonderfully talented internationally acclaimed musicians.

Mind The Gap offers an insightful, refreshing, and unique perspective on life and promises to thrill audiences all over the world.

In The Gap is a companion or stand-alone documentary that explains the science, psychology, math, geometry, and spiritual teachings behind MTGIt features interviews with some of the top thinkers in the world of physics and metaphysics exposing cutting edge paradigms in these fields.

Our Team:

Ilana Marks:  Owner / Creator

Lyman Dayton: Producer

Joe Sykes: Marketing Manager

Paul Czaja: Educational Consultant and Assistant Writer

Lyman Dayton is a seasoned filmmaker with sixteen multi-million dollar films to his credit.

Lyman has been consistently producing financially successful films with  budgets well below the film industry average  since the early 1970’s.   In addition, Lyman’s films are highly successful financially in DVD releases and international sales.

Please click here Lyman’s career highlights include to find out more about Lyman Dayton’s distinguished career. 

Joe Sykes worked as a sales and marketing manager for a fortune 500 company for over 20 years.  Joe developed sound business relationships with key account decision makers to effectively launch new items, concepts, and programs across all business units.  Joe  has always been able to identify and capitalize on new business opportunities, helping his company’s  market share  and sales volume grow each quarter  until they became # 1 in the industry.

Joe has received numerous awards from various customers and organizations within the community he served.  Joe is currently serving as a consultant, responsible for providing assistance  in marketing and promoting animation and video production services to clients. 

Paul Czaja has his Ph.D in early childhood education.  He has dedicated his life to being an educator, beginning as a founding faculty of the American Montessori Centre in Greenwich, CT.  After nineteen happy years there, Paul went to Fordham University where he earned his Ph.D.  Since then he has worked all over the world as an educator, consultant, lecturer, and administrator.  Paul is also a gifted poet, storyteller, author, and photographer.  He continues  to work in all these capacities at a Montessori school in Florida.